Several members of the Aspects of Love FC stepped into savage this week. Several different groups, and each has a story of success.

Hardcore Parkour#

We have a few heavy hard core members who are a bit insane. So much so that they spent 11 hours in P8S on Sunday to get the clear. While that is a bit too steep time wise for myself, I can’t help but have a bit of pride for just how crazy they went!


Massive congratulations to everyone, especially Ray who snagged the mount!

TanksGuado Guadian, Spicy Chicken (FC Member)
DPSEilaithium Aeglis, Eleyn Shikimori, Ember Shiranui
HealersSinon Azura, Ray Vermillion (FC Member), Cyrie Odium

Watch their P8S Part 2 Clear#

Just figuring it out#

Then you have the group I was in. We started with a few FC members, used Party Finder, and ended the week with a static made of FC members and 3 incredible people from party finder. Tooks a little bit to find our feet, but once we did we cleared P5S Sunday night before enrage hit! That’s not too shabby!


Massive congrats to our new static, aptly called “Inflatable Friends”!

TanksKaelyn Orben, Amber Kater
DPSLuna Grant (FC Member), Fio Lefebvre (FC Member), Anha’sae Grant (FC Member), Lysias Grant (FC Member)
HealersTirzah Grant (FC Member), Niss Tel

The Party Finder Collective!#


One of our FC members, Elyria, got together with a long time BFFs of our FC Tanine and Maxi, and braved party finder their teir for each kill! So far they have made it to P8S part 1 and may even still clear it this week.

Check out their P7S clear!#

The collective responsible for the P7S Clear!

TanksTanine Grinnaux (BFF of FC), Maxi To (BFF of FC)
DPSRose Fairclough, Nafeiya Lumini’a, Elyria Oomori (FC Member), Lutetia Rae
HealersYuri Tsukishima, Kimiko Shiraki

The Party Finder Calleth#

Another of our FC members, Siguard, rocked the PF and has knocked down the carbuncle of dewm in P5S.

The other OTHER static#


A massive congrats to Aza’ela’s P5S clear with their static! Fingers crossed for the next ones!

TanksSani Hawkmoon, Raisy Didley
DPSAza’ela Light’nea (FC Member), Ava Urakawa, Vannaka Lothbrok, N’hara Tia
HealersNezril Gabriel, Lil Monitus

Final thoughts#

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming weeks. Now take a break and spend time in your Island Sanctuary!

If you have something you want to celebrate, get in touch with Tirzah and let her know!