This site allows contibutors to add types of content: guides and news.

To understand which type of content to create, it helps to understand the site’s definition of each type.

Guides are pieces of content that give step by step instructions, or offer tips, for a specific game.

News are individual articles that are, but not limited to: reviews, game specific news, industry news, developer news, recommendations, or even a simple “Come play this with me”.

Editing Guides#

This site allows for you to edit the guides that exist on the page. Maybe you found a spelling error. Maybe you found a new tip you want to be sure is included. Whatever your reasonings (reasonable reasonings people), you can edit the page it self.

Every guide has a sidebar on the right called “Repository”. You can view the page source on GitHub or click “Edit this page”. It will take you to the page in the repository for you to make edits to.

Make any edits you feel work, then submit your pull request. Our Matriarch will then review your changes before merging your pull request into the main branch for publishing to the live site.

Adding Guides#

If the game exists on the left hand side of the Guides page, skip to step two.

Step 1#

You’ll want to fork the repository to your own GitHub account.

Adding News#